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Turnlock parts Explained Heavy duty



Heavy duty Grommet Retained HGR      
HGRTLS-*Z TurnLock Slotted  
HGRTLS-*S TurnLock Slotted  
HGRTLC-*Z TurnLock Cross  
HGRTLC-*S TurnLock Cross  
HGRTLW-*Z TurnLock Wing head  
HGRTLW-*S TurnLock Wing head  
HGRTLFB-*Z TurnLock Folding Bail handle  
HGRTLSP-*Z TurnLock Star plastic  
HGRTLHR-*Z TurnLock Hex recess  
HGRTLHR-*S TurnLock Hex recess  
HGRTLSS-*Z TurnLock Sealed Slotted  
HGRTLSC-*Z TurnLock Sealed Cross head  
HGRGIP Gasket inside  
HGRGOR Gasket outside  
MHSWSS Washer Slotted  
MHSWSP Washer slotted plastic  
ITSP-1Z Installation Tool Stud Pliers    
ITWHGR-1S Installation Tool Washer High duty Grommet Retained    
HGRG000165Z Grommet Panel Thickness  
HGRG000165S Grommet Panel Thickness  
HGRG165240Z Grommet Panel Thickness  
HGRG165240S Grommet Panel Thickness  
HGRG240320Z Grommet Panel Thickness  
HGRG240320S Grommet Panel Thickness  
HGRG320395Z Grommet Panel Thickness  
HGRG320395S Grommet Panel Thickness  
HGRG395475Z Grommet Panel Thickness  
HGRG395475S Grommet Panel Thickness  
HGRG480560Z Grommet Panel Thickness  
HGRG480560S Grommet Panel Thickness  
HGRGF000165Z Flush Grommet Panel Thickness
HGRGF000165S Flush Grommet Panel Thickness
HGRGF165218Z Flush Grommet Panel Thickness
HGRGF165218S Flush Grommet Panel Thickness
HGRGRZ Grommet Retaining ring    
HGRGRS Grommet Retaining ring    
HGRGRSNM Grommet Retaining ring    
ITRP-1Z Installation Tool Retaining ring Push    
HGRR33BZ Receptacle - Frame thickness
HGRR33S Receptacle - Frame thickness
HGRRN33BZ Receptacle Narrow Frame thickness
HGRRE33BZ Receptacle Encapsulated Frame thickness
HGRRTF33BZ Receptacle Tolerance Float Frame thickness
HGRRTF33S Receptacle Tolerance Float Frame thickness
HGRRTFE33BZ Receptacle Tolerance Float Encapsulated Frame thickness
HGRRTFE33S Receptacle Tolerance Float Encapsulated Frame thickness
MHSRF33Z Receptacle Flat Frame thickness
MHSRF33S Receptacle Flat Frame thickness
MHSRFWZ Receptacle Flat Welding
MHSRFWB Receptacle Flat Welding
HGRR33T Receptacle   Frame thickness
HGRRE33T Receptacle   Frame thickness
HGRS08A Shim thickness shim  
HGRS15A Shim thickness shim  
Heavy duty Heavy Strength HHS      
HHSTLHS-*Z TurnLock Hex head Slotted  
HHSTLHS-*S TurnLock Hex head Slotted  
HHSTLW-*Z TurnLock Wing head  
HHSTLWO-*Z TurnLock Wing Offset  
HHSTLSP-*Z TurnLock Star plastic  
HHSTLWF-*Z TurnLock Wing Folding  
HHSTLHR-*Z TurnLock Hex Recess head  
HHSTLFB-*Z TurnLock Folding Bail handle  
HHSWPS Washer Push  
HHSWSS Washer Slotted  
HHSSPS Sealing Plate    
HHSSGR Sealing Gasket    
HHSRF33Z Receptacle Flat hole diameter rivets
HHSRF41Z Receptacle Flat hole diameter rivets
HHSRF33S Receptacle Flat hole diameter rivets
HHSRF41Z Receptacle Flat hole diameter rivets
HHSRFWZ Receptacle Flat hole diameter rivets
HHSRS15-35Z Receptacle Side Frame thickness
Heavy duty Push Turn HPT      
HPTTLS-*Z TurnLock Slotted  
HPTTLK-*Z TurnLock Knurled  
HPTWPP Washer Protective  
HPTWCP Washer Compensating  
HPTWRP Washer Retaining  
HPTR34Z Receptacle hole diameter rivets  


Ends with: Z = Zinc plated
  N = Nickel plated
  C = Chrome plated
  S = Stainless steel
  ZZ = Zinc die casting with Zinc plating
  P = Plastic
  PNZ = Plastic Nickel Zinc
  R = Rubber
  A = Aluminium Anodized
  BZ = Hard Bronze / Zinc plated
  SNM = Stainless steel Non Magnetic
  T = Torlon