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How to select your TurnLock?



How to determine your TurnLock Series & part number?

» To determine the Serie and Part Number needed, we must know the strength, and the force (Newton) the connection needs to hold,
With the Newton value, you can determine which is the best series for your application:


Force in Newton



670 N

Light Duty


700 N

Light Duty


900 N

Light Duty


1330 N

Medium Duty


3700 N

Medium Duty


4700 N

Heavy Duty


10000 N

Heavy Duty


1) Selecting the correct stud: 

stud pic

select if you want stainless steel or steel zinc plated

select if you want hand operated or tool operated.


2) Choose the receptacle that best fits to your application please click here.

3) Remember the "type-number" of the receptacle.

With the help of the thickness of the plate, the frame and the receptacle number you can determine the correct formula on the first page, you arrive to a certain "T" value.

Usually T = P + F.

* Dependent on the series you can choose also to take a grommet, but this has an influence on the total thickness-value


4) complete the part number of the stud which you'll find in the table.

double check the current stock if it's a small quantity


5) don't forget the retaining washer


You are now ready to determine the quantity of pieces and to forward the correct part numbers

Send your inquiry, with full contact details to [email protected]