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Turnlock Applications

Turnlock is a small piece, but has great importance. We are proud to show you some applications of Turnlock, like in airplanes, the ISS, ...

A Turnlock Installed on Cooling System

This is an application of Turnlock installed by the market leader in high performance industrial aluminum cooling systems. They strive for extremely reliable product quality, and therefore use Turnlock. Watch the video to see the installation.
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Quick opening and closing of bonnets of airplanes

The use of Turnlock parts HGRRN33BZ and HGRTLS-13Z on the bonnets of airplanes. They are handy for quick opening and closing of the bonnet, when we need to do maintenance on aircraft motors. We are using them on all our models of airplanes.
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A Turnlock Light Duty Easy Installed Receptacle

This is an application of Light Duty Easy Assembly of an installed clip-on receptacle and the stud with snap-in grommet. In just a few simple steps you can easily install the clip-on receptacle and the grommet. We are happy to explain you the details along with some photos.
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International Space Station

The Astronautes that go with their spaceship to Mars, will have a 3D printer and shredder with them. The shredder serves to shred the plasic, such as plastic food trays and bags. This then gets used as material to print anything they might need on their mission to execute repair jobs.
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Installed Wing Head Stud On An Electrical Circuit Board

Here you see an installed wing head stud MTHTLW-1S on an electrical circuit board. It’s made of stainless steel and is fastened together with the retaining washer MTHWFS.
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