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What we Do

For over 20 years we at Turnlock provide turnlocks to OEM's and Distributors all around the globe. Our turnlocks can be used in a variety of applications, from airplanes to cars.

24/7 Customer Support

There is always someone available for your immediate and urgent enquiries. We guarantee response within 12 hours.

Better Alternatives

Sometimes parts have an extremely long lead time. Usually studs with a very long stud length can take a while to produce. We can offer alternative parts which are stock available. Also by using a different type of receptacle, the stud length can lower exponentially.

Tailor Made Solutions

Through forwarding us your panel and frame thickness, we calculate the stud length number you require. We supply some of the hardest to find turnlocks and tools. A lot of parts can also be custom made, to ensure you have the right turnlock for your turnlock application.

On Time Delivery

As we include transport in our pricing, we can offer a very fast lead time. By also following up all our quotes, we make sure the turnlocks are received on time.

Multiple Possibilities

With the same turnlock stud, you can use different kinds of receptacles and vice versa. We have lightweight receptacles, encapsulated, but also flat receptacles. If you need a flush assembly, we can also provide the flush sitting studs with a flat receptacle. By using shims you can also adapt the thickness of your panel if there are any irregularities in it.

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