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Can you help us with NTA12852 alternative parts

NTA12852 parts can have a leadtime of more then a year and will cost you a fortune.  If you are in need of these parts, but still want to service your customer with original parts, however with just a week leadtime, then we can help you.

What's the difference:

Can we get part 06.43809-0181 MAN part from you

06.43809-0181 is a receptacle that is used by MAN Truck & Bus the new part number for 06.43809-0181 is HHSRS15-35Z


it is a zinc flake plated CrVI-free silver color according to MAN 183-B1 receptacle


Do you have an alternative for the part 26R3-1?

Do you have an alternative for the part 26R3-1?


Yes we do have an alternative for 26R3-1, which is the Turnlock part MTHRPM2HA

The Turnlock part MTHRPM2HA, which replaces 26R3-1, is a specially developed part by Turnlock

This was necessary because the part 26R3-1 has become obsolete.

In order to supply our customer a correct replacement for 26R3-1, the sample was first developed and only when approved, launched in production.

This is how the part MTHRPM2HA looks:


When you require a quote for our alternative of 26R3-1, please contact [email protected]

Is there a Railroad stud available in the LEA series?

Yes there is, the part number is LEATLSR-*Z

This part is in the Light duty Easy Assembly series, and has a light tensile strength of 900 Newton.

The head style is typically used in railroad applications:

Types of stainless steel


UNC/UNF Tables

Unified UNF Screw Threads ANSI B1.1

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