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Is there a spring loaded stud of the HHS series?

Is there a spring loaded stud of the HHS series?

Yes there is.

The old part number was the 991S02H-*AGV, which was the spring loaded stud.

However, that part has become obsolete, new part is HHSTLWS-*Z

The part HHSTLWS-*Z is full interchangeable with the part 991S02H-*AGV.

It also has the same material as the 991S02H-*AGV


If you have a question or enquiry regarding 991S02H-*AGV or the new available part HHSTLWS-*Z, please contact our sales team on


Does there exist a bracket mount to use with the MPP series?

Does there exist a bracket mount to use with the MPP series?


Recently there has been a new bracket developed to use with the MPP-series, the part MPPBPMS:

This bracket can be side mounted on your panel, and the threaded receptacle MPPRZZ and MPPREZZ can be turned in the mounted bracket MPPBPMS.

By fixing the retaining nut MPPNZ on the other side of the bracket onto the receptacle, your installation is fixed.

Here is the technical drawing of the mounting bracket:

What do i need to use when installing large quantities of the MTH series?

The first thing you'll need to take care off is to select the correct retaining washer.

MTHWFS is a washer which is a lot easier and much faster to install than the MTHWSS:

You only need to push the MTHWFS on the stud, while you need pliers to install the washer MTHWSS

When installing the washer MTHWFS, you can also use the tool ITWP-1Z so quickly push on the washer on the stud

Note: if you're using chrome plated studs, the washer MTHWFS won't work, since you can't use that washer on the chrome plated parts, as it would damage the stud.


How to select your rivets?

You must use countersunk rivets to fix the receptacle of the quarter turn. Select in below table the rivets.
we advise to prepare your panel with a 120° angle countersunk



Rivets for stainless steel receptacles

Here is the typical size of a rivet: panel prepartion:
(rivet: 2.4mm)

What is the number of cycles of Camloc quarter turn?

The cycle number of the TurnLock quarter turn can be repeated more than 15000 times if the assembly instructions are followed.

If you have an application and special use, the number of TurnLock quarter turn cycles will not be optimal.

Here is an example with the MTH Series (Meduim Duty Tiny Housed):

If we want to choose the MTH Series, the length of the board is number 5 for a thickness between 3.8 and 4.6 mm with a type 1 receptacle.


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