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Why is it so hard to close the HHS stud with the gasket HHSSGR?

We know that the forces to close the gasket version of the studs are rather high. This is especially with the hand operated studs as you can not use a tool with a long lever.
As always it depends on the customer and on the application. What does the customer want when he requires the stud to be watertight? There is a wide range of customers we had in the past requesting water tightness from coffee machine manufacturers to submarine builders.
Can you define an IP class?
The data we mention in our catalogue is based on long time reliability and as the gasket will have a certain “seating” behavior just as every rubber like material the forces will be much lower when you open the fastener after it was closed for a few years.

Conclusion, it is better to make a test with the lenght of the table and maybe alos an higher lenght to see if you can close the quarter turn.

Also, please inform us your application and the IP Class that you need to advise you which lenght is better.