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Which turnlocks are available in stainless steel 316?

There aren't many quarter turns available in stainless steel 316, there is the receptacle MHSRF33S316 and the stud MHSTLHR-10S316 but only in stud length 10.

The two part numbers are a mix of the MHS and the LEA series, since there are no Belleville washer available in stainless steel 316.


The stainless steel 316 quarter turns are used in very corrosive environments, aggressive to metal.


Other variations of head styles could be made in stainless steel 316, however that needs to be researched by our engineers.


If there needs to be made a new turnlock in stainless steel, the MOQ would be 5000 pieces.

How does the turnlock assembly Stainless steel 316 work?


For a turnlock assembly to work as it should, there needs to be a spring effect in the assembly, either in the stud or receptacle.

Since the stud has no belleville washers, there is no spring effect in this assembly.

In order to gain the functionality of the spring effect, the customer himself will need to add 1 supplementary piece to the assembly so the assembly has the desired spring effect.

For example, the customer can add a gasket, which is thick enough, or another piece that can create the spring effect.