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What's a typical application of the tool-less access fastener


We build custom instrumentation for large telescopes – often this instrumentation requires removable cover panels. In some situations, it is highly desirable to be able to remove and install these covers quickly with retained fasteners. In some situations, tool-less access is also desirable.

One of our potential customers gave me a sample of a receptacle with a pushbutton stud (photo attached), although I now realise it is missing its retaining washer.

I was able to find the part no. on the rear of the receptacle, and then trace it to your company.

I understand that this part no. has been replaced with a new part no. MTHRTZZ, but I could not find the pushbutton stud in you catalogue.

At this stage, we do not have a design that I can reference to specify the material thicknesses, but typically the cover thickness would be 1-3 mm, and the MTHRTZZ  would seem to be long enough to suit a typical mounting frame that we might use.


The pushbutton stud is particularly attractive because these are used in high altitude (3000 m – 4000 m) situations where tool-less access is desirable.

So I would be interested in knowing if a pushbutton stud or similar is available, as well as if there is a local (Australian) distributor, or if not, if we can purchase directly from Turnlock.

As far as quantity is concerned, I envisage that we could require at least 100 for the project currently in prospect.



Since the cover thickness is between 1-3mm,

We offer a stud, most common is nickel plated, we have them also in zinc plating.

For thickness of your upper panel between 0.7 and 2.3mm which is length number 1      

For thickness of your upper panel between 2.3 and 3.8mm which is length number 3      


One concern though I have is the height, if you’re looking at

Wet conditions

Outgassing of the plating

So maybe the stainless steel version is more suitable, however that one is horrible expensive and only exists in the flush version


To have them black made, is possible, but you’re looking at quantities of min. 500 pieces and very long leadtimes

We prefer to work direct, since our distributors in Australia, do not hold stock or regularly purchase from us.

So far we’ve helped 37 companies in Australia