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What's the clamping force of a Turnlock?

The 3D drawings always have the springs in the un-compressed position. For example, for the MHS series, the belleville springs can compress 0.3mm.

The clamping systems forces are as follows:

MTH series: 30N - 60N

HGR series: 150N - 250N

MHS series: 350N - 380N

HHS series: 50 - 500N



clamping force of a camloc quarter turn


The clamping force is dependant on the thickness of the panels in the customer's application. The thicker the panels the bigger the clamping force will be.
The customer should always test this within the applciation.
If you need a guaranteed clamping force that is repeatable then we suggest the Spanclamps quarter turns:


Turnlock Quarter turns are not designed to cope with side loads!
A quarter turn is not a product that will guarantee a certain clamp force.
We state 350 N; but this is not an official value!!!

As it all depends on the thickness of the panels.

When the fastener is pulled in tension, the two parts that it fastens together will create a gap between them.
this is certainly valid with the spring loaded studs that do not have belleville washers.

maximum gap configuration