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What do i need to use when installing large quantities of the MTH series?

The first thing you'll need to take care off is to select the correct retaining washer.

MTHWFS is a washer which is a lot easier and much faster to install than the MTHWSS:

You only need to push the MTHWFS on the stud, while you need pliers to install the washer MTHWSS

When installing the washer MTHWFS, you can also use the tool ITWP-1Z so quickly push on the washer on the stud

Note: if you're using chrome plated studs, the washer MTHWFS won't work, since you can't use that washer on the chrome plated parts, as it would damage the stud.


Secondly, you'll need the stud installation pliers.

If you use our pliers ITSP-1Z, you will be able to easily compress the spring cup of the stud, which will ease to inserting of the stud through the panel.