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What is the difference between MPTTLK-03-2530S and MPTTLK-03-2025S?

For a project with a customer with the part number MPTTLK-03-2530S but is not in stock.

I would suggest MPTTLK-03-2025S because available in stock.

What is the difference between those studs?

Description MPTTLK

In the part number MPTTLK-03-2025S, 03 is according of the length of the stud and the last 4 numbers 2025 are according to the thickness of the panel so the size of the plastic cup.

So, if the length number is the same, you can suggest an alternative with different for last number. You have to adapt the hole of your panel as the drawing below:

Hole preparaion MPTTLK

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