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What are extra heavy duty Turnlocks?

What are extra heavy duty Turnlocks?

Extra heavy duty Turnlocks can carry up to 22000 Newton in tensile strength.

It consists of a stud, which can be a hex head or handle operated, a cross pin and a receptacle:

extra heavy duty turnlock.jpg

extra heavy duty turnlock tech-1.jpg

 extra heavy duty turnlock tech-2.jpg


In the past these were made with a cadmium plating.

However, due to cadmium now being non-RoHS conform, they'll be made of steel with zinc plating.


The advantage of these parts, beside being so strong, is that they also have a large range of panel thickness.

It jumps to another stud length every 0.25 inch, which is every 6.35mm

This is a lot compared to some of our products!


Installation drawings:

extra heavy duty turnlock tech-3.jpg

extra heavy duty turnlock tech-4.jpg