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Does there exist a bracket mount to use with the MPP series?

Does there exist a bracket mount to use with the MPP series?


Recently there has been a new bracket developed to use with the MPP-series, the part MPPBPMS:

What do i need to use when installing large quantities of the MTH series?

The first thing you'll need to take care off is to select the correct retaining washer.

MTHWFS is a washer which is a lot easier and much faster to install than the MTHWSS:

How to select your rivets?

What is the number of cycles of TurnLock quarter turn?

The cycle number of the TurnLock quarter turn can be repeated more than 15000 times if the assembly instructions are followed.

What is a Turnlock Fastener quarter turn?

Turnlocks are fasteners that are an easy and fast solution to open and close panels with a minimum effort.

However, these aren't fragile closing mechansims.


A turnlock assembly needs at least 3 parts:


Turnlocks connect components under an elastic preload. The tensile load of each assembly in the catalogue was reached after overcoming the springelement generated preload.

How does it work?

When the studassembly is rotated, the stud cross pin rides up the cam causing a controlled joint preload to be applied. This can be done by rotating the stud 90 degrees.

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