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Turnlock parts contribute to the quest for extraterrestrial life by supporting research at the EU Observatory in Chile.

Situated at an altitude of 5000 meters in a dry environment, 66 antennas have been strategically positioned to observe the coldest regions in the universe. Anemo takes pride in supplying Turnlock parts to support their efforts in studying these frigid celestial areas. The light under scrutiny falls within the millimeter range, lying between infrared and radio waves and remains imperceptible to the human eye. Originating from locales with temperatures only a fraction above absolute zero, this light allows for a profound exploration of the earliest and most distant galaxies, where the birth of new stars occurs.

Turnlock parts in Chile


While the prospect of discovering extraterrestrial life may not be the primary goal, the endeavor promises enhanced insights into these obscure regions of the universe, typically invisible in visible light but luminous in the millimeter and submillimeter spectrum. The choice of an altitude in Chile at the ALMA site, located some 50 km east of San Pedro de Atacama, addresses the challenge of water absorption in the atmosphere, as millimeter waves are easily absorbed. This arid location provides unparalleled conditions for astronomical observation, although astronomers grapple with the demanding conditions of operating a cutting-edge observatory in such an extreme environment.

Notably, the ALMA telescope surpasses the Hubble in clarity by tenfold. For a demonstration, watch the video here. The Turnlock employed in this project can be found at: