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Turnlock fasteners are used into the ISS = International Space Station

Turnlock fasteners are used into the ISS = International Space Station
we apeared in the local newspaper "Het Nieuwsblad" the 28th of January 2017.

There is though an error in the article: we grow 24% instead of the 4% mentioned.

Nasa article

full translation of the article in English:

Anemo makes parts for International Space Station (ISS)

Company from Alveringem may cooperate with NASA


The company Anemo from the small town of Leisele may do business with the Amercian Space Organisatoin NASA.
Already one contract was landed (Mark Maes: journalist)

Our company gives technical advise about quick connect fasteners and sells them worldwide, says managing director, Bart Vandezande
The Astronautes that go with their spaceship to Mars, will have a 3D printer and shredder with them.   The shredder serves to shred the plasic,
such as plastic food trays and bags.  This then gets used as material to print anything they might need on their mission to execute repair jobs.
Anemo suppliers the turnlock fasteners for those appliances.  This we did already do for the ice-cubes, which are blue boxes where NASA does experiments into Space

Bart Vandezande - managing director
"We supply components that astranautes take with them into space"

Anemo is peforming good worldwide.  Just recently we sold a fastener tool to different air operators, such as Air Berlin, Delta Air Lines and Air Iceland.
These are no simple things,  To make the tool takes 22 weeks and it costs 12000 euros per piece.  To Disneyland in the US we sold fasteners for their lighting.
The American market counts for one-third of the business of Anemo.

The company grows yearly 24 percent, this is thanks to a big demand for our products.  Only last year we had a dip, due to IT problems.
Unfortunately, we have it very difficult in this region of Belgium to find people.  Our company needs urgently a sales engineer for the American market.
A bachelor or somebody with good technical knowledge, fluently English speaking are the only conditions.


here ist the 3D printer:



here you see the ice-cubes: where we sold turnlock parts MTHTLFB11Z