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Is there a stainless steel version of the knurled slotted head stud of MTH-series?

Is there a stainless steel version of the knurled slotted head stud of MTH-series?

Yes there is.

It is made from stainless with electropolished surface, therefore it is rather shiny.

The stud can be used in marine applications.

Old Part number Turnlock part number
26S34-1-2BY MTHTLKS-1S
26S34-2-2BY MTHTLKS-2S
26S34-3-2BY MTHTLKS-3S
26S34-4-2BY MTHTLKS-4S
26S34-5-2BY MTHTLKS-5S
26S34-6-2BY MTHTLKS-6S
26S34-7-2BY MTHTLKS-7S
26S34-8-2BY MTHTLKS-8S
26S34-9-2BY MTHTLKS-9S
26S34-10-2BY MTHTLKS-10S
26S34-11-2BY MTHTLKS-11S
26S34-12-2BY MTHTLKS-12S
26S34-13-2BY MTHTLKS-13S
26S34-14-2BY MTHTLKS-14S
26S34-15-2BY MTHTLKS-15S
26S34-16-2BY MTHTLKS-16S
26S34-17-2BY MTHTLKS-17S
26S34-18-2BY MTHTLKS-18S
26S34-19-2BY MTHTLKS-19S
26S34-20-2BY MTHTLKS-20S
26S34-21-2BY MTHTLKS-21S
26S34-22-2BY MTHTLKS-22S
26S34-23-2BY MTHTLKS-23S
26S34-24-2BY MTHTLKS-24S
26S34-25-2BY MTHTLKS-25S
26S34-26-2BY MTHTLKS-26S
26S34-27-2BY MTHTLKS-27S
26S34-28-2BY MTHTLKS-28S
26S34-29-2BY MTHTLKS-29S
26S34-30-2BY MTHTLKS-30S
26S34-31-2BY MTHTLKS-31S
26S34-32-2BY MTHTLKS-32S
26S34-33-2BY MTHTLKS-33S
26S34-34-2BY MTHTLKS-34S
26S34-35-2BY MTHTLKS-35S
26S34-36-2BY MTHTLKS-36S
26S34-37-2BY MTHTLKS-37S
26S34-38-2BY MTHTLKS-38S
26S34-39-2BY MTHTLKS-39S
26S34-40-2BY MTHTLKS-40S
26S34-41-2BY MTHTLKS-41S
26S34-42-2BY MTHTLKS-42S
26S34-43-2BY MTHTLKS-43S
26S34-44-2BY MTHTLKS-44S
26S34-45-2BY MTHTLKS-45S
26S34-46-2BY MTHTLKS-46S
26S34-47-2BY MTHTLKS-47S
26S34-48-2BY MTHTLKS-48S
26S34-49-2BY MTHTLKS-49S
26S34-50-2BY MTHTLKS-50S
26S34-51-2BY MTHTLKS-51S
26S34-52-2BY MTHTLKS-52S
26S34-53-2BY MTHTLKS-53S
26S34-54-2BY MTHTLKS-54S
26S34-55-2BY MTHTLKS-55S
26S34-56-2BY MTHTLKS-56S
26S34-57-2BY MTHTLKS-57S
26S34-58-2BY MTHTLKS-58S
26S34-59-2BY MTHTLKS-59S
26S34-60-2BY MTHTLKS-60S