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Series: Medium duty Push Push

This Turnlock part MPPRZZ is a threaded receptacle. You can opt to thread the receptacle directly into your panel or to secure the receptacle with the retaining nut MPPNZ.

turnlock MPPRZZ technical drawing
Material of MPPRZZ :

Zinc die casting / zinc-plated, CrVI-free, clear chromate

Type of MPPRZZ :


Headstyle of MPPRZZ :


Max.Tensile Strength :

Max. Working Load :

Max. Working Temperature :

120 degrees Celsius

Panel Thickness Range :

Frame Thickness Range :

Material Grade of Cup :

TurnLock can offer you the part MPPRZZ with Certificate of Quality, Certificate of Conformity and Certificate of Origin on request.
TurnLock is offering part MPPRZZ as factory new.
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