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What is the folding direction of the ring handle turnlock when locked?

The direction of the folding ring handle Turnlock when locked is can be follow:

Ring handle turnlock

The bail handle Turnlock will have the same direction.

We prefer to have the ring Turnlock as shown below. Is it possible?

  special Ring handle turnlock

Background is that we want the ring (2) to be secured against turning (vibration induced) by the shape of the adjacent part, which is only working when the ring of the locked stud folds “downwards” into the cavern. 
Depending on how the cam of the receptacle is placed we might need the pin (1) of the stud having alternatively an offset of 90°.
Please see also the explanation below for the “alternative part”.

I am not sure if we are clear about folding direction. I meant that in the locked position the ring is perpendicular to the line made by two rivets. So then we can fold it down. So basically can we adjust the position of pin 1 with respect to ring 2, to achieve that.

special Ring handle turnlock  

For your special case, as you do not have place to turn your receptacle 90°.  We can make a special Turnlock  with your special needs having the ring handle as per your wish. (we currently would supply the version as indicated with the red rectangular when locked)
special Ring handle turnlock 3
It would require a 300 pieces minimum order, to have it fold downwards.

We would not recommend to use a standard receptacle, you’ll need to take an adjustable receptacle.
Reason: the place where the cross pin is mounted, might deviate slightly from the standard.  Which means the height where it is installed, might deviate.
Which means that you might receive length number 4, 5 or 6 . instead of the current length number 5 that is guaranteed.
(it has to do with automatic machinery settings for the standard series which cannot be done with the special)
Take care: a nutsert adjustable receptacle would not be recommended, as it is made of coarse thread, instead of fine thread.
Better is to use:
MTHRA24HSA (high strength aluminium version)
(Coming soon in our catalog)

Please be aware that the folding ring handle has not a guaranteed frictioning in both directions. It is made so it frictions, so that the bent ring will stay on it’s place, however this is not a controlled value
Usually one folding direction always frictions, so when installing, take this into account, and install the best frictioning side.

The current ring has a straight section, which solves your issue.

Your Turnlock Team