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What Automotive Fasteners do you have available?

What Automotive Fasteners do you have available?

These are the same as our push pull fasteners range.

To receive a quote or a push pull turnlock alternative, please contact us.

You can find below a list of the possible studs, receptacles, and which combinations are possibe.


Stud Receptacle Combinations
C4402452 R10292HG C4402452/R10292HG
R6775 C4402452/R6775
C4402552 R10292HG C4402552/R10292HG
R6775 C4402552/R6775
C4402652 R10292HG C4402652/R10292HG
R6775 C4402652/R6775
C4402752 R10292HG C4402752/R10292HG
R6775 C4402752/R6775
C4410 R6299 C4410/R6299
R6333 C4410/R6333
R6374 C4410/R6374
R6486 C4410/R6486
R6707 C4410/R6707
R6883 C4410/R6883
R7105 C4410/R7105
R7253 C4410/R7253
C4411 R6299 C4411/R6299
R6333 C4411/R6333
R6374 C4411/R6374
R6486 C4411/R6486
R6707 C4411/R6707
R6883 C4411/R6883
R7105  C4411/R7105 
R7253 C4411/R7253
C4412 R6299 C4412/R6299
R6333 C4412/R6333
R6374 C4412/R6374
R6486 C4412/R6486
R6707 C4412/R6707
R6883 C4412/R6883
R7105 C4412/R7105
R7253 C4412/R7253
C4413 R6299 C4413/R6299
R6333 C4413/R6333
R6374 C4413/R6374
R6486 C4413/R6486
R6707 C4413/R6707
R6883 C4413/R6883
R7105 C4413/R7105
R7253 C4413/R7253
C4414 R6299 C4414/R6299
R6333 C4414/R6333
R6374 C4414/R6374
R6486 C4414/R6486
R6707 C4414/R6707
R6883 C4414/R6883
R7105  C4414/R7105 
R7253 C4414/R7253
C4415 R6299 C4415/R6299
R6333 C4415/R6333
R6374 C4415/R6374
R6486 C4415/R6486
R6707 C4415/R6707
R6883 C4415/R6883
R7105 C4415/R7105
R7253 C4415/R7253