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How to know the distance between the fasteners when installing larger panels?


What is the recommended pitch (distance) between two turnlocks? 

Pitch I mean the distance between each fasteners to the other

Please check  that this combination will be suitable for a 5.2 mm grip thickness

the distance between the fasteners


The distance between the fasteners is determined how much your plate is bending, or how much you accept it to bend when a force is applied.

Here you have a customer example, however with HGR parts that are more expensive.


since MTH series have less clamping force, it’s better to have for your design not a too big distance.

MTH series is widely used to fasten the Plexiglas screens on small UAV, Helicopters,…



the range of 4.6-5.35mm in combination with a real panel thickness of 5.2mm

means you’re clamping force is quite high, you’re be close to the region of 60N



this means 5-6kg pressure is done on that point to hold the system together.

Depending on the weight of the panel that is fixed, and the forces that will happen, you can calculate yourself the required length between the fasteners.


Since this is aerospace, I would consult to take a lighter receptacle and also less expensive.