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How do I measure the length of the Turnlock needed?

The length of a stud the  medium duty tiny housed turnlock MTHTL series is determined according to the assembly that you have and type of receptacle with one of the formulas below.

Take care, the references 2600-*W have become obsolete, the parts contain cadmium and it is no RoHS conform. You need to switch to the new reference MTHTLW-*Z which is zinc plated reflecting the new plating which is better corrosion resistant and RoHS conform.In order to verify your stud length, we will need the following:

  1. We will need the panel thicknesses P = ? and F =?  with precision to the 10Th, e.g 2.3mm.
  2. What type of receptacle are you using? Or type of assembly below?Formule lenght