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Does there exist a removal tool for the studs of seires MTHTL series and HGRTL series?


Once the studs have been installed in the grommets, is there a way to remove the studs only?  

Or if they need to be replaced would the grommet need to be replaced as well?


There is a way to remove the studs without the need to replace the grommet, you need the same tool as the installation of the parts ITSP-1Z 

This tool has both functions, installation and removal of the stud.

Take care, the retaining washer will need to be removed,  then you can easily compress the stud cup with the ITSP-1Z tool and remove the stud from the panel in the case of the MTHTL series and remove it from the grommet in the case of the HGRTL series. 

ITSP-1Z removal