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Do you have a reduced height head version available of the HHSTLHS series?


We have interest in the HH parts shown below.


Due to the location of the fasteners in the end application, we have some concern with the total head protrusion height.

Even the hex recess head version, however this offers only a slightly lower max height.

I was wondering if there is scope to look at a lower profile version of this HH stud type? Is this something you may have looked at before by way of a non-catalogue special? Is the system still workable with one spring washer instead of two (which would save more real estate)



Reducing the number of Belleville springs does not work, you need a least 3 of them.

We do have a HHS stud special with a reduced head height : 5.7mm rather than the 8mm of the regular head.

reduced height HHSTLHS

Take care, the estimated cost of a reduced height head version is double and comes with a MOQ of 1000 pieces.

Please tell us if would be interested.