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Do you have more information on your HSA material?

Do you have more information on your HSA material?

HSA stands for High Strength Aluminium. It's a material we can supply for some of our parts. You can find the parts here:


In some series the part is not fully made of this High Strength Aluminium. Which is typically a special alloy comparible with 7075. Typically the spring cup is made of High Strength Aluminium, and also the stud itself. Interior parts such as spring and cross pin are made off stainless steel 303 alloy.

If you want the part completely aluminium, your strengths will go down as the weak point is the cross pin, also a spring in Aluminium is a challenge and a minimum quantity of 500 pieces would be applicable.

(we can also have the parts made in stainless steel 316, however again a spring in stainless steel 316 is a challenge)

In case you have marine conditions, we would recommend to use a sealed stud, here you seal off the stud side and it's panel. You will need to make sure that no salt water is in contact with the receptacle

If you use receptacles, these are typically made fully of Aluminium and can be a combination of 6061 and 7075.


The material has properties so that it has a strong tensile and shear strength. It's being used in racing, Airbus/Honeywell, etc. This is due to the low weight of the parts, where weight is critical, while still maintaining the high strength values.