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Do I need to take into account the thickness of this retaining washer in the calculation for the panel thickness?


Thank you for your feedback.

Indeed I now realized that we also use the ref. MHSWSP in our mounting.

Since thickness of washer is 1mm, can you confirm if we also need to take into account the thickness of this restraining washer in the calculation for the panel thickness to hold : for ex. T=  P+F+washer ?

We have a mounting of 2 panels of 2mm but we noticed that there is some tolerances in plate thickness dimensions (from 1.9mm to 2.15mm per panel) that can make the total thickness go out of the range of one specific stud size 7 (3.8mm) to 8 (4.3mm).

Is there enough tolerance on your mounting to choose the stud size based on “nominal thickness” only?


Thank you for your support

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Dear Customer,


You do not need to incalculate this with the washer MHSWSP since the outside diameter is 11mm

The inside diameter of the hole of the receptacle is 12mm.

So the washer falls into it.


With your variable panel thickness it is important to fall into the range that is suggested.

Looks you have min total thickness of 3.8-4.3mm


Since the fastener you selected has Belleville washers, there is not enough room for play.

So indeed you’ll need length number 7 and 8


We are though in the development of a plastic washer that you can install onto  the stud so that in case you want to fasten them and you feel that the clamping force is not enough that you just mount that extra washer onto it.

Another solution is a plastic shim which we have available in the HHS series:

This needs to be installed together with the receptacle

(also in development)

It can take another 6 months though until we have something ready in the MHS series


Alternatively switch serie:

And use HGR serie

Then you’ll have one stud that will match your total thickness range

Length number 5 does 3.55-4.30mm panel thickness range

You’ll need then following parts:    (slotted version is standard in stock, otherways calculate a manufacturing time of 18 weeks)


countersunk rivets: AL-ST-C-3x8