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How to install an adjustable receptacle?

How to install an adjustable receptacle?

The adjustable receptacle consists of 3 parts:

The cage, the insert and the pin

The insert can be screwed in or out of the cage so that the the correct adjustments are used.

The pin is for initial adjustment only. It allows the receptacle adjustment to be done with the panel on.

Please follow the following steps:

1) engage the stud

2) screw the insert to the lock condition

3) adjust all fasteners in the panel

4) use a quick push turn action to unlock the stud

5) remove the panel

6) pull the pin so the insert is locked in the cage of the receptacle

7) discard the rivet pin

As panels tend to have a life of their own, just locking sequences can suddenly render a fastener too tight/too loose. Place a small mark -1, for instance at that location meaning, when you remove the panel, you want to unlock the insert with a pick tool and turn the insert 1/2 turn counterclockwise to loosen the fastener.

After that remove the pick.