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How to choose the right Oddie 1/4 turn fastener

If you were using Oddie Fasteners until recently, then you are undoubtedly looking for the best alternative now. We'd be happy to help you optimize your choice of 1/4 turn fasteners.

Oddie Fasteners gave you the choices of 1/4 turn fasteners in 1000 series, 600 series and 400 series for light, medium and heavy duty applications respectively. 


Here are more technical details about the alternatives >


400 series alternative

The alternative for the 400 series is our Medium Duty Tiny Housed (MTH) series. It has a maximum tensile strength of 1330N, with a Working Load 900N.

They are very small fasteners giving a high tensile load with a wide range of stud head styles and receptacles.


600 series alternative

The alternative for the 600 series is our Medium Duty High Strength (MHS). It has a maximum tensil strength= 3700N, with a Working Load 2600N.

The Meduim Duty High Strength has small parts with a high tensil load, Flat Receptacle, and High Preload.


1000 series alternative

The alternative for the 1000 series is our Heavy Duty High Strength (HHS). It has a maximum tensile strength 10.000N, Working load 7.000N


These 1/4 turn fasteners are perfect for quick opening in applications where fast and constant access is required. 

Our specialized fasteners are often used on the panels of aircraft, food processing machinery,...


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