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How can you make my MTH flush fastener sit completely flush

below picture shows the spring cup of the stud installed in the upper panel.

The MTHFTL series are not sitting comletely flush when installed with the recommended panel preparation of 100° countersunk.  They stick 0,04mm out., furthermore the stud is spring retained in the housing which makes an extra 0.25mm,

so in total it sticks 0.3mm out

so: Yes, it will not be 100% flush but depending on the countersink angle it is in the worst condition a tenth of a millimeter.


stud is also sticking out of the housing by the spring force

stud sticking out of the housing

countersunk 100° installation of 2700F series


countersunk 98° and 102° installation of MTHFTL


a larger hole will allow a flush fitting!
an 11.1 diameter hole +/-0.10 for the counter punched hole will do the job.