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Does Turnlock have old 2800 parts available?

Does Turnlock have old 2800 parts available?

Yes we have these available under our brand MTHB-series or Medium duty Tiny Housed Bearing - series.

Here you can find a list of part numbers:


Here are the Slotted head part numbers:

Old MS partnumber Old partnumber Turnlock Partnumber
MS2800-1S 2800-1S MTHBTLS-1S
MS2800-2S 2800-2S MTHBTLS-2S
MS2800-3S 2800-3S MTHBTLS-3S
MS2800-4S 2800-4S MTHBTLS-4S
MS2800-5S 2800-5S MTHBTLS-5S
MS2800-6S 2800-6S MTHBTLS-6S
MS2800-7S 2800-7S MTHBTLS-7S
MS2800-8S 2800-8S MTHBTLS-8S
MS2800-9S 2800-9S MTHBTLS-9S
MS2800-10S 2800-10S MTHBTLS-10S
MS2800-11S 2800-11S MTHBTLS-11S
MS2800-12S 2800-12S MTHBTLS-12S
MS2800-13S 2800-13S MTHBTLS-13S
MS2800-14S 2800-14S MTHBTLS-14S
MS2800-15S 2800-15S MTHBTLS-15S
MS2800-16S 2800-16S MTHBTLS-16S
MS2800-17S 2800-17S MTHBTLS-17S
MS2800-18S 2800-18S MTHBTLS-18S
MS2800-19S 2800-19S MTHBTLS-19S
MS2800-20S 2800-20S MTHBTLS-20S
MS2800-21S 2800-21S MTHBTLS-21S
MS2800-22S 2800-22S MTHBTLS-22S
MS2800-23S 2800-23S MTHBTLS-23S
MS2800-24S 2800-24S MTHBTLS-24S
MS2800-25S 2800-25S MTHBTLS-25S
MS2800-26S 2800-26S MTHBTLS-26S
MS2800-27S 2800-27S MTHBTLS-27S
MS2800-28S 2800-28S MTHBTLS-28S
MS2800-29S 2800-29S MTHBTLS-29S
MS2800-30S 2800-30S MTHBTLS-30S
MS2800-31S 2800-31S MTHBTLS-31S
MS2800-32S 2800-32S MTHBTLS-32S
MS2800-33S 2800-33S MTHBTLS-33S
MS2800-34S 2800-34S MTHBTLS-34S
MS2800-35S 2800-35S MTHBTLS-35S
MS2800-36S 2800-36S MTHBTLS-36S
MS2800-37S 2800-37S MTHBTLS-37S
MS2800-38S 2800-38S MTHBTLS-38S
MS2800-39S 2800-39S MTHBTLS-39S
MS2800-40S 2800-40S MTHBTLS-40S
MS2800-41S 2800-41S MTHBTLS-41S
MS2800-42S 2800-42S MTHBTLS-42S
MS2800-43S 2800-43S MTHBTLS-43S
MS2800-44S 2800-44S MTHBTLS-44S
MS2800-45S 2800-45S MTHBTLS-45S
MS2800-46S 2800-46S MTHBTLS-46S
MS2800-47S 2800-47S MTHBTLS-47S
MS2800-48S 2800-48S MTHBTLS-48S
MS2800-49S 2800-49S MTHBTLS-49S
MS2800-50S 2800-50S MTHBTLS-50S
MS2800-51S 2800-51S MTHBTLS-51S
MS2800-52S 2800-52S MTHBTLS-52S
MS2800-53S 2800-53S MTHBTLS-53S
MS2800-54S 2800-54S MTHBTLS-54S
MS2800-55S 2800-55S MTHBTLS-55S
MS2800-56S 2800-56S MTHBTLS-56S
MS2800-57S 2800-57S MTHBTLS-57S
MS2800-58S 2800-58S MTHBTLS-58S
MS2800-59S 2800-59S MTHBTLS-59S
MS2800-60S 2800-60S MTHBTLS-60S

This is the list of the cross head part numbers:

Old MS partnumber Old partnumber Turnlock Partnumber
MS28S3-1S 28S3-1S MTHBTLC-1S
MS28S3-2S 28S3-2S MTHBTLC-2S
MS28S3-3S 28S3-3S MTHBTLC-3S
MS28S3-4S 28S3-4S MTHBTLC-4S
MS28S3-5S 28S3-5S MTHBTLC-5S
MS28S3-6S 28S3-6S MTHBTLC-6S
MS28S3-7S 28S3-7S MTHBTLC-7S
MS28S3-8S 28S3-8S MTHBTLC-8S
MS28S3-9S 28S3-9S MTHBTLC-9S
MS28S3-10S 28S3-10S MTHBTLC-10S
MS28S3-11S 28S3-11S MTHBTLC-11S
MS28S3-12S 28S3-12S MTHBTLC-12S
MS28S3-13S 28S3-13S MTHBTLC-13S
MS28S3-14S 28S3-14S MTHBTLC-14S
MS28S3-15S 28S3-15S MTHBTLC-15S
MS28S3-16S 28S3-16S MTHBTLC-16S
MS28S3-17S 28S3-17S MTHBTLC-17S
MS28S3-18S 28S3-18S MTHBTLC-18S
MS28S3-19S 28S3-19S MTHBTLC-19S
MS28S3-20S 28S3-20S MTHBTLC-20S
MS28S3-21S 28S3-21S MTHBTLC-21S
MS28S3-22S 28S3-22S MTHBTLC-22S
MS28S3-23S 28S3-23S MTHBTLC-23S
MS28S3-24S 28S3-24S MTHBTLC-24S
MS28S3-25S 28S3-25S MTHBTLC-25S
MS28S3-26S 28S3-26S MTHBTLC-26S
MS28S3-27S 28S3-27S MTHBTLC-27S
MS28S3-28S 28S3-28S MTHBTLC-28S
MS28S3-29S 28S3-29S MTHBTLC-29S
MS28S3-30S 28S3-30S MTHBTLC-30S
MS28S3-31S 28S3-31S MTHBTLC-31S
MS28S3-32S 28S3-32S MTHBTLC-32S
MS28S3-33S 28S3-33S MTHBTLC-33S
MS28S3-34S 28S3-34S MTHBTLC-34S
MS28S3-35S 28S3-35S MTHBTLC-35S
MS28S3-36S 28S3-36S MTHBTLC-36S
MS28S3-37S 28S3-37S MTHBTLC-37S
MS28S3-38S 28S3-38S MTHBTLC-38S
MS28S3-39S 28S3-39S MTHBTLC-39S
MS28S3-40S 28S3-40S MTHBTLC-40S
MS28S3-41S 28S3-41S MTHBTLC-41S
MS28S3-42S 28S3-42S MTHBTLC-42S
MS28S3-43S 28S3-43S MTHBTLC-43S
MS28S3-44S 28S3-44S MTHBTLC-44S
MS28S3-45S 28S3-45S MTHBTLC-45S
MS28S3-46S 28S3-46S MTHBTLC-46S
MS28S3-47S 28S3-47S MTHBTLC-47S
MS28S3-48S 28S3-48S MTHBTLC-48S
MS28S3-49S 28S3-49S MTHBTLC-49S
MS28S3-50S 28S3-50S MTHBTLC-50S
MS28S3-51S 28S3-51S MTHBTLC-51S
MS28S3-52S 28S3-52S MTHBTLC-52S
MS28S3-53S 28S3-53S MTHBTLC-53S
MS28S3-54S 28S3-54S MTHBTLC-54S
MS28S3-55S 28S3-55S MTHBTLC-55S
MS28S3-56S 28S3-56S MTHBTLC-56S
MS28S3-57S 28S3-57S MTHBTLC-57S
MS28S3-58S 28S3-58S MTHBTLC-58S
MS28S3-59S 28S3-59S MTHBTLC-59S
MS28S3-60S 28S3-60S MTHBTLC-60S

These are the old part numbers of the Torx headed studs:

Old MS partnumber Old partnumber Turnlock Partnumber
MS28T3-10S 28T3-10S MTHBTLTX-10S
MS28T3-11S 28T3-11S MTHBTLTX-11S
MS28T3-12S 28T3-12S MTHBTLTX-12S
MS28T3-13S 28T3-13S MTHBTLTX-13S
MS28T3-14S 28T3-14S MTHBTLTX-14S
MS28T3-15S 28T3-15S MTHBTLTX-15S
MS28T3-16S 28T3-16S MTHBTLTX-16S
MS28T3-17S 28T3-17S MTHBTLTX-17S
MS28T3-18S 28T3-18S MTHBTLTX-18S
MS28T3-19S 28T3-19S MTHBTLTX-19S
MS28T3-20S 28T3-20S MTHBTLTX-20S
MS28T3-21S 28T3-21S MTHBTLTX-21S
MS28T3-22S 28T3-22S MTHBTLTX-22S
MS28T3-23S 28T3-23S MTHBTLTX-23S
MS28T3-24S 28T3-24S MTHBTLTX-24S
MS28T3-25S 28T3-25S MTHBTLTX-25S
MS28T3-26S 28T3-26S MTHBTLTX-26S
MS28T3-27S 28T3-27S MTHBTLTX-27S
MS28T3-28S 28T3-28S MTHBTLTX-28S
MS28T3-29S 28T3-29S MTHBTLTX-29S
MS28T3-30S 28T3-30S MTHBTLTX-30S
MS28T3-31S 28T3-31S MTHBTLTX-31S
MS28T3-32S 28T3-32S MTHBTLTX-32S
MS28T3-33S 28T3-33S MTHBTLTX-33S
MS28T3-34S 28T3-34S MTHBTLTX-34S
MS28T3-35S 28T3-35S MTHBTLTX-35S
MS28T3-36S 28T3-36S MTHBTLTX-36S
MS28T3-37S 28T3-37S MTHBTLTX-37S
MS28T3-38S 28T3-38S MTHBTLTX-38S
MS28T3-39S 28T3-39S MTHBTLTX-39S
MS28T3-40S 28T3-40S MTHBTLTX-40S
MS28T3-41S 28T3-41S MTHBTLTX-41S
MS28T3-42S 28T3-42S MTHBTLTX-42S
MS28T3-43S 28T3-43S MTHBTLTX-43S
MS28T3-44S 28T3-44S MTHBTLTX-44S
MS28T3-45S 28T3-45S MTHBTLTX-45S
MS28T3-46S 28T3-46S MTHBTLTX-46S
MS28T3-47S 28T3-47S MTHBTLTX-47S
MS28T3-48S 28T3-48S MTHBTLTX-48S
MS28T3-49S 28T3-49S MTHBTLTX-49S
MS28T3-50S 28T3-50S MTHBTLTX-50S
MS28T3-51S 28T3-51S MTHBTLTX-51S
MS28T3-52S 28T3-52S MTHBTLTX-52S
MS28T3-53S 28T3-53S MTHBTLTX-53S
MS28T3-54S 28T3-54S MTHBTLTX-54S
MS28T3-55S 28T3-55S MTHBTLTX-55S
MS28T3-56S 28T3-56S MTHBTLTX-56S
MS28T3-57S 28T3-57S MTHBTLTX-57S
MS28T3-58S 28T3-58S MTHBTLTX-58S
MS28T3-59S 28T3-59S MTHBTLTX-59S
MS28T3-60S 28T3-60S MTHBTLTX-60S

All these studs can be used with the MTH receptacles.

To find the exact part number you need, please contact us.