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Do you have alternatives for the oddie fasteners First Components Limited 400 series 600 series and 1000 series

Yes, this company went went bankrupt.

We have the following series alternatives:

400 series à MTH ; see here a summary of the 400 series part numbers

600 series à MHS ; see here a summary of the 600 series part numbers

1000 series à HHS ; see here a summary of the 1000 series part numbers

the push pull oddie fasteners we also have alternative look-alikes.

It means you utilize

1000 series: diameter 10mm


600 series: diameter 6mm




For the 1000 series you can utilize the Turnlock alternative HHS series, that has a similar diameter, so similar strength.

Since you use slotted head  steel zinc plated: I recommend to use:

Together with the receptacle


To know what stud length you need: you’ll have to give me the panel thicknesses and the gap that might be present between the two plates.

Please give the plate thicknesses with a tolerance of 0.10mm

P = ?mm

F = ?mm

Gap = ?mm

T = total thickness



For the 600 series you can utilize the Turnlock MHS series


Here again I would need your panel thicknesses and if there is any gap between the plates


Then I can send you a quote.

Please contact us  [email protected]