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Do you have an alternative for part 27S8-*-1AB?

Do you have an alternative for part 27S8-*-1AB?

The part 27S8 has a tamper proof headstyle, and is flush installed in the panel.

I can either quote:

MTHFTLC-7Z, which is also flush installed in the panel, however the head style is cross headed:

MTHTLT-7N, which isn’t flush installed in the panel, though the head style is tamper proof:


Please contact us if you need a part from the below table.

That provides us the information to suggest an alternative to you.

Cadmium plated Tin plated

Cadmium plated

chlear chromate

Stainless steel
27S8-1-1AA 27S8-1-1AB 27S8-1-1AD 27S8-1-1BC
27S8-2-1AA 27S8-2-1AB 27S8-2-1AD 27S8-2-1BC
27S8-3-1AA 27S8-3-1AB 27S8-3-1AD 27S8-3-1BC
27S8-4-1AA 27S8-4-1AB 27S8-4-1AD 27S8-4-1BC
27S8-5-1AA 27S8-5-1AB 27S8-5-1AD 27S8-5-1BC
27S8-6-1AA 27S8-6-1AB 27S8-6-1AD 27S8-6-1BC
27S8-7-1AA 27S8-7-1AB 27S8-7-1AD 27S8-7-1BC
27S8-8-1AA 27S8-8-1AB 27S8-8-1AD 27S8-8-1BC
27S8-9-1AA 27S8-9-1AB 27S8-9-1AD 27S8-9-1BC
27S8-10-1AA 27S8-10-1AB 27S8-10-1AD 27S8-10-1BC
27S8-11-1AA 27S8-11-1AB 27S8-11-1AD 27S8-11-1BC
27S8-12-1AA 27S8-12-1AB 27S8-12-1AD 27S8-12-1BC
27S8-13-1AA 27S8-13-1AB 27S8-13-1AD 27S8-13-1BC
27S8-14-1AA 27S8-14-1AB 27S8-14-1AD 27S8-14-1BC
27S8-15-1AA 27S8-15-1AB 27S8-15-1AD 27S8-15-1BC
27S8-16-1AA 27S8-16-1AB 27S8-16-1AD 27S8-16-1BC
27S8-17-1AA 27S8-17-1AB 27S8-17-1AD 27S8-17-1BC
27S8-18-1AA 27S8-18-1AB 27S8-18-1AD 27S8-18-1BC
27S8-19-1AA 27S8-19-1AB 27S8-19-1AD 27S8-19-1BC
27S8-20-1AA 27S8-20-1AB 27S8-20-1AD 27S8-20-1BC
27S8-21-1AA 27S8-21-1AB 27S8-21-1AD 27S8-21-1BC
27S8-22-1AA 27S8-22-1AB 27S8-22-1AD 27S8-22-1BC
27S8-23-1AA 27S8-23-1AB 27S8-23-1AD 27S8-23-1BC
27S8-24-1AA 27S8-24-1AB 27S8-24-1AD 27S8-24-1BC
27S8-25-1AA 27S8-25-1AB 27S8-25-1AD 27S8-25-1BC
27S8-26-1AA 27S8-26-1AB 27S8-26-1AD 27S8-26-1BC
27S8-27-1AA 27S8-27-1AB 27S8-27-1AD 27S8-27-1BC
27S8-28-1AA 27S8-28-1AB 27S8-28-1AD 27S8-28-1BC
27S8-29-1AA 27S8-29-1AB 27S8-29-1AD 27S8-29-1BC
27S8-30-1AA 27S8-30-1AB 27S8-30-1AD 27S8-30-1BC
27S8-31-1AA 27S8-31-1AB 27S8-31-1AD 27S8-31-1BC
27S8-32-1AA 27S8-32-1AB 27S8-32-1AD 27S8-32-1BC
27S8-33-1AA 27S8-33-1AB 27S8-33-1AD 27S8-33-1BC
27S8-34-1AA 27S8-34-1AB 27S8-34-1AD 27S8-34-1BC
27S8-35-1AA 27S8-35-1AB 27S8-35-1AD 27S8-35-1BC
27S8-36-1AA 27S8-36-1AB 27S8-36-1AD 27S8-36-1BC
27S8-37-1AA 27S8-37-1AB 27S8-37-1AD 27S8-37-1BC
27S8-38-1AA 27S8-38-1AB 27S8-38-1AD 27S8-38-1BC
27S8-39-1AA 27S8-39-1AB 27S8-39-1AD 27S8-39-1BC
27S8-40-1AA 27S8-40-1AB 27S8-40-1AD 27S8-40-1BC
27S8-41-1AA 27S8-41-1AB 27S8-41-1AD 27S8-41-1BC
27S8-42-1AA 27S8-42-1AB 27S8-42-1AD 27S8-42-1BC
27S8-43-1AA 27S8-43-1AB 27S8-43-1AD 27S8-43-1BC
27S8-44-1AA 27S8-44-1AB 27S8-44-1AD 27S8-44-1BC
27S8-45-1AA 27S8-45-1AB 27S8-45-1AD 27S8-45-1BC
27S8-46-1AA 27S8-46-1AB 27S8-46-1AD 27S8-46-1BC
27S8-47-1AA 27S8-47-1AB 27S8-47-1AD 27S8-47-1BC
27S8-48-1AA 27S8-48-1AB 27S8-48-1AD 27S8-48-1BC
27S8-49-1AA 27S8-49-1AB 27S8-49-1AD 27S8-49-1BC
27S8-50-1AA 27S8-50-1AB 27S8-50-1AD 27S8-50-1BC