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Can Turnlock supply the 26S13-*-* parts?

Can Turnlock supply the 26S13-*-* parts?

The part 26S13-*-* all are steel with cadmium plating with a folding wing handle:

folding wing handle

26S13-A-* was regular cadmium plated.

26S13-B-* was cadmium plated with extra chromate in the plating

26S13-C-* was cadmium plating with black enamel


Turnlock recommend switching over to the stainless steel folding ring handle.

It's RoHS conform and has a very good lead time.

Here's the cross reference table.

  Old Part numbers   New Turnlock Part No
26S13-A-1 26S13-B-1 26S13-C-1 MTHTLFR-1SK
26S13-A-2 26S13-B-2 26S13-C-2 MTHTLFR-2SK
26S13-A-3 26S13-B-3 26S13-C-3 MTHTLFR-3SK
26S13-A-4 26S13-B-4 26S13-C-4 MTHTLFR-4SK
26S13-A-5 26S13-B-5 26S13-C-5 MTHTLFR-5SK
26S13-A-6 26S13-B-6 26S13-C-6 MTHTLFR-6SK
26S13-A-7 26S13-B-7 26S13-C-7 MTHTLFR-7SK
26S13-A-8 26S13-B-8 26S13-C-8 MTHTLFR-8SK
26S13-A-9 26S13-B-9 26S13-C-9 MTHTLFR-9SK
26S13-A-10 26S13-B-10 26S13-C-10 MTHTLFR-10SK
26S13-A-11 26S13-B-11 26S13-C-11 MTHTLFR-11SK
26S13-A-12 26S13-B-12 26S13-C-12 MTHTLFR-12SK
26S13-A-13 26S13-B-13 26S13-C-13 MTHTLFR-13SK
26S13-A-14 26S13-B-14 26S13-C-14 MTHTLFR-14SK
26S13-A-15 26S13-B-15 26S13-C-15 MTHTLFR-15SK
26S13-A-16 26S13-B-16 26S13-C-16 MTHTLFR-16SK
26S13-A-17 26S13-B-17 26S13-C-17 MTHTLFR-17SK
26S13-A-18 26S13-B-18 26S13-C-18 MTHTLFR-18SK
26S13-A-19 26S13-B-19 26S13-C-19 MTHTLFR-19SK
26S13-A-20 26S13-B-20 26S13-C-20 MTHTLFR-20SK
26S13-A-21 26S13-B-21 26S13-C-21 MTHTLFR-21SK
26S13-A-22 26S13-B-22 26S13-C-22 MTHTLFR-22SK
26S13-A-23 26S13-B-23 26S13-C-23 MTHTLFR-23SK
26S13-A-24 26S13-B-24 26S13-C-24 MTHTLFR-24SK
26S13-A-25 26S13-B-25 26S13-C-25 MTHTLFR-25SK
26S13-A-26 26S13-B-26 26S13-C-26 MTHTLFR-26SK
26S13-A-27 26S13-B-27 26S13-C-27 MTHTLFR-27SK
26S13-A-28 26S13-B-28 26S13-C-28 MTHTLFR-28SK
26S13-A-29 26S13-B-29 26S13-C-29 MTHTLFR-29SK
26S13-A-30 26S13-B-30 26S13-C-30 MTHTLFR-30SK
26S13-A-31 26S13-B-31 26S13-C-31 MTHTLFR-31SK
26S13-A-32 26S13-B-32 26S13-C-32 MTHTLFR-32SK
26S13-A-33 26S13-B-33 26S13-C-33 MTHTLFR-33SK
26S13-A-34 26S13-B-34 26S13-C-34 MTHTLFR-34SK
26S13-A-35 26S13-B-35 26S13-C-35 MTHTLFR-35SK
26S13-A-36 26S13-B-36 26S13-C-36 MTHTLFR-36SK
26S13-A-37 26S13-B-37 26S13-C-37 MTHTLFR-37SK
26S13-A-38 26S13-B-38 26S13-C-38 MTHTLFR-38SK
26S13-A-39 26S13-B-39 26S13-C-39 MTHTLFR-39SK
26S13-A-40 26S13-B-40 26S13-C-40 MTHTLFR-40SK
26S13-A-41 26S13-B-41 26S13-C-41 MTHTLFR-41SK
26S13-A-42 26S13-B-42 26S13-C-42 MTHTLFR-42SK
26S13-A-43 26S13-B-43 26S13-C-43 MTHTLFR-43SK
26S13-A-44 26S13-B-44 26S13-C-44 MTHTLFR-44SK
26S13-A-45 26S13-B-45 26S13-C-45 MTHTLFR-45SK
26S13-A-46 26S13-B-46 26S13-C-46 MTHTLFR-46SK
26S13-A-47 26S13-B-47 26S13-C-47 MTHTLFR-47SK
26S13-A-48 26S13-B-48 26S13-C-48 MTHTLFR-48SK
26S13-A-49 26S13-B-49 26S13-C-49 MTHTLFR-49SK
26S13-A-50 26S13-B-50 26S13-C-50 MTHTLFR-50SK