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Application of a Turnlock Light Duty easy installed receptacle

This is an application of Light Duty Easy Assembly of an installed clip-on receptacle and the stud with snap-in grommet. In just a few simple steps you can easily install the clip-on receptacle and the grommet. We are happy to explain you the details along with some photos.


How to install the clip-on receptacle LEARC0856Z :

You just need to make a hole of 12.7mm of diameter to install the receptacle.

install LEARC0856Z

Below you see the stud LEATLS-7Z installed together with a snap-in grommet LEAG000160 in a 1mm thick panel.

Turnlock LEATLS-*Z


If you have some questions, or want to know more about this application, don't hesitate to contact us.