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Series: High duty High Strength

This TurnLock part HHSWSS is a slotted retaining washer. We recommend the use a retaining washer to secure your quarter turn stud to the panel.

turnlock HHSWSS technical drawing
Material of HHSWSS :

Stainless steel

Type of HHSWSS :


Headstyle of HHSWSS :

Retaining washer

Maximum Tensile Strength :

Maximum Working Load :

Maximum Working temperature :

200 °C

Panel Thickness Range :

Frame Thickness Range :

Material Grade of Cup :

TurnLock can offer you retaining washer HHSWSS with Certificate of Quality, Certificate of Conformity and Certificate of Origin on request.
Turnlock is offering Turnlock retaining washer HHSWSS as factory new.

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