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Series: Heavy duty Grommet Retained
Type: stud

This Part 40E28-48-1AF is an old Part number for Anemo. You will need to switch to the new reference, tha thas the same mechanical and dimensional characteristics as the old part, it is merely a part number change reflecting the new plating which is better corrosion resistant. The cup size has been altered by the new production method, but it is fully interchangeable with the old part. You need to switch to part:

img 40E28-48-1AF
turnlock 40E28-48-1AF technical drawing
Studlength of 40E28-48-1AF :


Headstyle of 40E28-48-1AF :

Hex recess head

40E28-48-1AF's material grade :

Steel / zinc-plated, yellow chromate

Tensile strength of 40E28-48-1AF :

4700 N

Maximum working load:

3100 N

Part 40E28-48-1AF maximum working temperature

120 °C

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